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DSW Electronic Invoicing

DSW Vendor Finance has proudly partnered with the Tungsten Network, a global provider for electronic invoice delivery, to service our vendors with electronic invoicing. Invoice processing can often be labor intensive and expensive for both suppliers and buyers. Electronic invoicing will speed up payments by eliminating common problems such as lost or misplaced invoices, and help reduce vendor expenses. Plus, using the Tungsten network allows us to get in touch with you more quickly regarding invoice questions or concerns.

Please visit the following Tungsten page for more details: http://www.tungsten-network.com/DSW

Do I have to pay any fees for using Tungsten Network e-invoicing?
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How do I know my Invoice/Invoice File was successfully delivered?
Key Features of Electronic Invoicing
Tungsten Electronic Invoicing Option
What data is required on the invoices when submitted via Tungsten?
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Who do I contact for the invoice/payment status related queries?